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Ride Together Through Life on eBikes

Experience the joy of eBiking as a couple, where age and fitness levels become mere details in the backdrop of shared adventures.

Our electric bikes redefine the way you ride together, unlocking new possibilities for exploration and ensuring endless fun on every journey.

With the power of eBikes, you'll do more, see more, and revel in the simple pleasure of enjoying the ride side by side.

Top Step-Though Picks

Specialized Turbo Como 
starting at $3,499

Discover the epitome of luxury and performance with the Specialized Turbo Como Internal Gear Hub 3.0 – 'the Cadillac of commuter e-bikes for seniors.' Crafted with precision by Specialized, this e-bike boasts three different sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for riders from 5 feet to 6 feet 3.  This top-tier e-bike features a throttle-less Class 3 motor, offering a seamless pedal-assist experience up to 32 kph. The Enviolo Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) and torque sensor further enhance the ride, making it responsive and enjoyable. Elevate your e-biking journey with the unmatched quality of Specialized Turbo Como 3.0 IGH, where every twist of the grip brings precision and comfort.

"The Specialized Como 3.0 IGH is like the Cadillac of commuter e-bikes for seniors." -

Gazelle Ultimate 
starting at $4,699

The Gazelle Ultimate family offers award-winning design, expertly marrying dynamic performance and premium comfort. Loaded with top-of-the-range components, ergnomic features, and powerful Bosch eBike Systems, Gazelle Ultimates offer a ride like no other. Sleek battery integration within the frame creates an eye-catching appearance, while its high capacity delivers a generous range suited to all sorts of adventures.

Momentum Lafree 
from $2,499

The Momentum LaFree eBike has earned its status as our best seller due to its exceptional blend of performance, comfort, and price. Its powerful electric motor effortlessly propels riders, making uphill climbs and long distances a breeze. With a user-friendly design and intuitive controls, the LaFree eBike is easy to live with, catering to both beginners and experienced cyclists. Its comfortable ergonomic features, combined with a reliable battery life, ensure a smooth and enjoyable ride, making it a popular choice for those seeking a hassle-free and enjoyable electric biking experience.

Peace of mind

Full Warranty

A lifetime warranty providing peace of mind for our customers.


We offer comprehensive full-service support for all our models to ensure optimal performance, software updates and longevity.

Free Service

Every bike purchase includes one year of complimentary service, and extended service options are available for ongoing support, ensuring worry-free rides.

More eBike Options

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$4,999.00 - $5,799.99
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