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Kids Half-Back Promotion

Keep on riding on!

Half-Back Program

We realize that kids grow like crazy and the last thing you ever wanted was a collection of bicycles that you would never use! Just bring in your junior bike that you purchased from BikeSports, and we will apply half of the original price towards the purchase of your next NEW bicycle!

The used Children's bikes are then cleaned and tuned-up and put back on sale in the store or sent to Africa. (Used bikes are not applicable to this program)

There is no Fee or cost to join this program. Children's bicycles wheel sizes 12"-24" are eligible for our half back program.

  • Children's BMX bicycles are not included in our half back program.
  • The buy back price does not include any taxes, upgrades or service on the bicycle. 
  • 2 year limit on the program (Childrens bikes are only valid for half-back within 2 years of the original date of purchase).
  • Any damages (ex. broken pedals, skidded tires, etc) will be subtracted from the half back value of the bicycle upon return.
  • Must have an account in our system and be the original owner.