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Newmarket's Premier Bike Shop

Ride into the heart of cycling excellence at BikeSports, nestled in the charming historic Main Street of Newmarket, Ontario. Housed in the beautifully converted BMO bank building, our shop is a testament to a rich cycling heritage, where passion meets history.

Established as the go-to bike haven in Newmarket, we've been an integral part of the cycling community for over 25 years. Originally opening our doors in 1996, we've evolved and thrived, culminating in our move to the iconic BMO bank building in Newmarket. Our commitment to providing top-notch service has made us a central hub for cyclists of all kinds.

Founded by Tom Zielinski in 1996, BikeSports in Newmarket is a testament to his lifelong love for cycling. Tom, a former professional cyclist in Poland, chose to defect instead of participating in the Olympics. More than a business, BikeSports is an embodiment of Tom's passion, offering a diverse range of bikes and creating a welcoming space where cyclists are embraced in a community that celebrates the sheer joy of riding.

Visit BikeSports on Historic Main Street today and explore our extensive collection of bikes, parts, accessories, and apparel. Immerse yourself in the cycling culture, engage with our knowledgeable staff, and embark on your cycling journey with the perfect ride from BikeSports.

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