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Newmarket Bicycle Rental

The best way to explore the world!


Looking to add some adventure to your travel plans?

Discover the freedom of cycling through Newmarkets vibrant streets and trails with our convenient bike and bike case rental service. Whether you're a local looking for a leisurely ride or a traveler in need of a bike-friendly travel solution, we've got you covered. 

Bike Rentals

How long is a rental? 
Bikes are rented for one calendar day. If a bicycle is picked up at 11am it is due back at or before close on the same day.

Buy your ride!
Love your rental? If you've rented a bike and decide to purchase a new one from us we'll put 100% of the rental price towards your new bike! 

*within 30 days

Bicycle Rentals Newmarket Ontario

Rental Bookings - Will Resume Spring 2024

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Whats Included?
A helmet and bike are all included in your rental.

What Should You Bring?
Bring comfortable active wear and running shoes. If you are riding on the trails behind BikeSports make sure to bring a water bottle! 

Late Returns
BikeSports rentals are based on a calendar day. If you rent a bike at 11am it is due back before the shop closes that day. If you require the bike for longer than the rental period a full day rental charge will be applied for each calendar day that the bike is late regardless of time. There are no exceptions.

50% Off With A Tune-Up
Still want to ride while your bike is in for a tune-up? Take 50% our bicycle rentals for the length that your bike is in the shop for repair. 
See our service page.