Bike Repair - Do It Yourself

DIY your style? We're here to help you repair your bike online!

Bike repairs you should know

While there are some things that you can't fix at home there many repairs that can be simple with the right instruction. Flat tires, chain repair and proper lubrication are just some of the things that every cyclist should know how to do on their own. Our BikeSports mechanics are here to help with these basic bicycle how-to repair guides. Still have questions? Contact us or let us repair your bike!

Repair Clinics

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Changing Flat Tire And Bike Inner Tube Repair

Changing Tires & Tubes

Bicycle Broken Chain Repair Guide

Bike Chain Repair

Bicycle Lubrication Lube Guide

What Lube To Use?

Brake Adjustments 

Shifter Maintenance

Brake & Shifter Cables