Bicycle Chain And Parts Wet Dry Wax Lubrication

How To Choose Lubrication

There are a lot of different lubes on the market today. Using the correct lube can increase the life of the drive chain, make it easier to shift gears and make it easier to pedal your bike.

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Wet Lube
Wet lube is best used in damp or wet biking conditions. It’s thicker than dry lube and will help prevent dirt and grime from penetrating onto your gears and chain. It will however cause dirt and dust to be attracted to your bike in dry conditions so it’s important only to use wet lube in wet conditions.
Applying Wet Lube
Spin your chain and lightly cover the entire chain and wait 2 minutes before using a rag to wipe off the excess lube.

Dry Lube
Dry lubes are a thinner lighter lubrication designed to repel dirt and keep your bike greased specifically in dry conditions.  Dry lubes are designed to be applied more often than wet lubes without the need to remove excess lube from your drive chain.
Applying Dry Lube
Spin your crank and lightly cover the entire chain, unlike wet lube you do not need to remove excess lube.

Using Both Wet & Dry Lube
If you are using both wet and dry bike lube you do not need to worry about completely removing the lubrication before you switch from wet to dry of vice versa. In the Winter months it’s good to primarily stick to wet lube and switch back to dry lubrication in the late Spring once the weather has dried. After riding in the Winter it’s a good idea to give your drive chain a complete clean before switching to dry lube. Ultra sonic cleaners are a great way to completely remove all grease and grim from your drive-train and will make your bike look new again. Read more here.

Wax Based Lube
Wax based lubrication is less common but stiff effective at repelling dirt and keeping your chain clean. It will last longer than oil based lubrication however it is unsuitable for wet conditions. Wax based lube is also harder to apply and takes a longer time to completely lube your bike.

Teflon Lube
Teflon lube is great for non-moving parts like your spoke nipples, jockey wheel centers, shifters, brake and gear cables and any other springs. This lube will go on wet and then dry forming a protective layer to protect your bike from any dirt that will try to make its way in.

Performance Lube
There are several high-end lubes as well as ceramic lubrications on the market now. Each one specifically designed to work harder and decrease the friction between moving parts helping you save energy and go faster. These lubes are a good idea to consider if you’re looking to push yourself harder and last longer.

What Parts Need To Be Lubricated?
All moving and connecting parts of your bike can benefit from the proper lubrication, not just your chain and gears. While its important to insure that your drivetrain is properly lubed parts like your brakes, shifter cables, derailleur and wheel nipples can also benefit from a bike specific Teflon lubricant.

After you're done riding for the season or maybe just a long weekend out it's a good idea to completely clean your bike. Degreasers will cut through the dirt, grime and oil left from your lubrication all the way down to your bikes metal components. With a specialty brush and bucket you can then clean your bike completely removing all of the grease and oil that has built up.

Ultra Sonic Cleaning
Ultrasonic cleaning is a process that uses ultrasound and a special bicycle cleaning solvent  to clean grease and dirt off of your drivetrain. Through this specialized cleaning process almost all dirt and grease will be removed from your bicycle, the ultra sonic cleaner reaches every inch including places regular brushes can not. Learn more