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Nokiidaa & Tom Taylor Trail

Newmarket Local Nokiidaa & Tom Taylor Bike Trail Rental
Newmarket Local Nokiidaa & Tom Taylor Bike Trail Rental

BikeSports backs directly onto the Newmarket section of the Nokiidaa Trail in the heart of downtown Newmarket. It’s the perfect location to rent a bike and start your adventure!

Start at our shop and ride North along the Holland river exploring marsh lands and forests on smooth gently winding trails. The North section of the trail will take you along the Holland river where you will discover the old reservoir, beautiful planted gardens, a board walk and beyond that open fields.

Ride South from our shop down the Tom Taylor Trail and enjoy everything that Fairy lake has to offer! You’ll enjoy a paved path that will carry you over rivers, through parks and up small hills. End your journey on a relaxing board walk where you will see fish, turtles, birds and beavers!

Crushed Limestone, Natural, Asphalt/Concrete, Boardwalk


Nokiidaa Trail
The Nokiidaa Trail is Newmarkets local bike trail and links three communities (Aurora, Newmarket and East Gwillimbury), following the East Holland River. The trail passes through town parks and green spaces, past wetlands and historic cultural sites, and has links to numerous other town trails.

BikeSports is proud of Newmarkets bike trail network and their comitment to local cycling! Newmarket offers more 44 kilometres of walking and biking trails. The final portion of the trail was completed along the Nokiidaa Trail system linking more than 20 kilometres of trail from East Gwillimbury through to Aurora. Take the challenge and see how far you can walk or ride.

The Tom Taylor Trail

The Tom Taylor Trail, named after a former mayor, is Newmarket's portion of the Nokiidaa Trail system that extends through Aurora, Newmarket, and East Gwillimbury. The Trail follows the Holland River and Fairy Lake downstream to link up with the Rogers Reservoir Trail in East Gwillimbury.

Here's the local weather! Get out and ride!