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Main to the Moraine

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Start your ride amidst the old world charm of Unionville’s historic Main Street. Soon you will be enjoying quieter roads among the farmland and forests in the town of Whitchurch-Stouffville. Enjoy the curves in the road on Ninth Line as you round the sparkling waters of Musselman’s Lake, a great place to stop and get refreshments while taking in the view. Enjoy tasting some wine at the Galluci or Willow Springs Wineries enroute. Don’t forget to explore the treetop village at Bruce’s Mill Conservation area!

York Region Cycling Main to the Moraine

Towns of Unionville, Ballantrae & Stouffville

Length: 60km
Ride Rating:
Experienced road cyclist – paved shoulders along rural roads and some riding in mixed traffic on quieter roads

Surface: Road

Possible Starting Points:

  • Unionville Main Street – overnight parking and access to shopping and restaurants
  • North Tract York Regional Forest – overnight parking
  • Whitchurch-Stouffville Leisure Centre – overnight parking and access to washrooms and water
  • Hotel options in Markham and Stouffville or camping at Musselman’s Lake

14. Turn RIGHT onto
Ninth Line 20.7 km | 8.0 km
15. Turn LEFT onto
Aurora Rd 28.7 km | 4.1 km
16. Turn RIGHT onto
McCowan Rd 32.8 km | 2.0 km
17. Turn LEFT onto
St John’s Sd Rd 34.8 km | 4.1 km
18. Turn LEFT onto
Warden Ave 38.9 km | 18.6 km
     a. CROSS Warden Ave at Major
     b. CONTINUE on shared sidewalk on
left side of Warden Ave
     c. Turn LEFT onto the path
19. Turn RIGHT onto
Country Estates Dr 57.5 km | 1.3 km
     a. Continue onto Village Pkwy
20. Turn LEFT onto
Carlton Rd 58.8 km | 1.5 km
21. Turn LEFT onto
Main St Unionville 60.3 km | 0.2 km
     a. Turn RIGHT into the parking lot
     b. CONTINUE onto the trail towards
Unionville Library

                                        Maps and directions courtesy of
York Region Cycling

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Ride Directions

START - Unionville Library
Terrain: Road
1. Turn LEFT onto Carlton Rd 0.0 km | 1.3 km
2. Turn LEFT onto
Manhattan Dr 1.3 km | 1.0 km
3. Turn LEFT onto Shorthill Dr 2.3 km | 0.2 km
     a. CONTINUE onto The Birdle Walk
4. Turn LEFT onto
Major Mackenzie Dr E 2.5 km | 2.9 km
5. Turn RIGHT onto
Kennedy Rd 5.4 km | 4.0 km
6. Turn RIGHT onto 19th Ave 9.4 km | 4.4 km
7. Turn LEFT onto
Dickson Hill Rd 13.8 km | 2.0 km
     a. Turn RIGHT back onto 19th Ave
8. Turn LEFT onto Ninth Line 15.8 km | 1.3 km
9. Turn RIGHT onto
Hoover Park Dr 17.1 km | 1.0 km
10. Turn LEFT onto Park Dr 18.1 km | 0.7 km
11. Turn LEFT onto
Burkholder 18.8 km | 0.3 km
12. Turn RIGHT onto
Market St 19.1 km | 0.9 km
13. Turn LEFT onto
Millard St 20.0 km | 0.7 km