Choosing The Right Bike

Bikes have come a long way and it's not one size or model fits all anymore. Before you buy a bike it's important to find out what bike is going to fit your lifestyle best. We find that a lot of people come into the shop looking for one bike only to leave with another! Choose the style of bike that describes you best for a more in depth look at that particular riding style and see if it's right for you.

1) Ask Yourself These Questions

What Type Of Cyclist Am I?

Recreational Cyclist - Using you bike for leisure, exercise or charity rides
Commuter/Utilitarian - Using your bike for everyday activities like commuting
Competitive - You want a top of the line riding experience or are racing competitively 

Where Do I Want To Ride?

On Road - Riding on paved trails or roads
On & Off Road - Riding on established trails, gravel paths, paved trails and roads
Off Road - Riding off road on dirt trails

How Much Do I Want To Invest?

As you move from recreational, to experienced to competitive the cost of bicycles will go up. 

Now that you've answered these questions use the chart to find your style.  

2) The 4 Main Kinds Of Bikes

Best UseRoad TypeWhat To Consider
Mountain Bike
Recreation, CompetitiveTrails, Dirt Paths, Off RoadNot for paved roads! Suspension isn't needed & fat tires make it hard to gain speed
Road Bike
Recreation, Competitive Paved Roads and PathsGreat for group rides or experienced cyclists. Not great for slow leisurely rides
Commuter/Urban Bike
Commuting, Riding Around TownPaved Roads, Paths and Gravel PathsGets you from point A to B fast & comfortably. Good bike for a city environment
Hybrid Bike
Recreation, Comfort Riding, CommutingDirt Trails, Gravel Paths, Paved Roads and TrailsA mix of road & mountain. Upright position for comfort, thinner wheels for speed. Can come with suspension

3) Finding Your Bike!

Now that you have a better idea of your riding style it's time to match it with your bike!

Riding In A Charity Event?

If you're planning on riding in a charity ride click here!


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