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Comfort and Fitness Bikes 

At BikeSports Newmarket we have a large selection of comfort bikes for the 2022 season already in stock! Whether you are looking for a Specialized Roll, an Electra Townie or a Giant Sedona we have the bike for you!

Specialized Roll

 A great bike for riding down the Tom Taylor Tailor this season is a Specialized Roll. These bikes offer a full upright position so there's no leaning over which will save your back! Since you're not leaning over your hands are also saved from the weight of your body making for a more enjoyable ride! The Specialized roll comes in a step-thru and step over model with several different price points starting at $799.

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Electra Townie 2022 7d Blue Newmarket Ontario

Electra Townie

People love the Electra Townie because it has flat foot technology! What's that you ask? Flat Foot Technology provides an efficient, relaxed riding position that allows you to sit upright and not bent over the handlebars like traditional bikes. When you're sitting on your bike instead of being bent over on your tippy toes you're standing up right with both feet flat on the ground! This makes it great for quick and relaxed cruising around town! This bike comes in an eBike version and multiple cool colours as well!

Electra Loft 7i Step-Thru

The Electra Loft 7i is a little more sporty, a little more commuter urban. It offers more speeds than the other comfort bikes but still has a relaxed up right position with comfortable shocks on the seat! Its defiantly one of the more beautiful and cool bikes we have with the majority of people just buying it for the looks alone! If you want to ride a true piece of art and be sporty doing it the Electra Loft 7i is the bike for you! It's great on city sidewalks and roads and can also go no bike trails no problem!

electra loft 7i blizzard blue
electra loft 7i sangria

electra loft 7i seafoam green