Butter Tart Ride

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Everyone can enjoy exploring this family-friendly trail and the quaint neighbourhoods in the town of Newmarket. Settled in the early 1800’s by Quakers, the town has many historic buildings, plaques and sidewalk markers. Your ride will feature the Nokiidaa Trail System which links several parks and green spaces. Look for the ‘ghost canals’ at the Rogers Reservoir, explore Sheppard’s Bush and stop for refreshments on south Main Street, near Fairy Lake. The “secret family recipe” butter tarts at the Maid’s Cottage Restaurant come highly recommended!

Town of Newmarket

Length: 18km
Ride Rating: Recreational cyclist – low traffic and mostly paved riding surfaces and mostly flat with a steep hill south of Mulock Drive
Family/leisure option – ride along the Nokiidaa Trail from Aurora Leisure Complex to the East Gwillimbury GO Station
Surface: Paved and unpaved trails (limestone screening) and bike-friendly streets
Possible Starting Point: We suggest starting at this free day parking location: » Newmarket Riverwalk Commons – optimal for suggested itinerary; access to water and washrooms.
BikeSports backs directly onto the Riverwalk Commons where you can rent a bike and ride the trail.

Suggested Itinerary:

A. Start at the Newmarket Riverwalk Commons and visit the Newmarket Main Street Farmers’ Market (May 1 - October 1, every Saturday, 8 a.m. - 1 p.m.) for fresh, local food and products, and free live entertainment.
B. Head over to Main Street (newmarketmainstreet.ca) and enjoy a sweet beverage or dessert from one of the many local shops in Newmarket’s historic downtown. We suggest The Fresh Tea Shop, Nutmeg Bakeshop, bene bene Waffle & Ice Cream, Baker’s Crush Custom Cakes & Cupcakes, Covernotes Tea and Coffee House and Rawlicious Newmarket.
C. At the scenic Fairy Lake Park, rest at one of the many well-maintained playgrounds, picnic spots and chess tables. Open year-round, there is something to do for everyone. Visit newmarket.ca/ThingsToDo to learn more about the park’s many exciting events, including festivals, train rides, bouncy castles, music and more.
D. Take a quick refresher at the Ray Twinney Recreation Complex. Refill your water bottles, use the facilities and enjoy the air conditioning before you continue your journey.
E. Visit Newmarket’s Environmental Park. Designed with the inspiration of a natural forest, the park highlights Newmarket’s dedication to sustainability and environmental health. Have a picnic, rest and take in the scenery of the surrounding forest.
F. Craving sweets? Stop at Yonge Street and Bonshaw Avenue and enjoy a delicious frozen yogurt at Menchie’s.
G. Take the kids to the All Our Kids Playpark on Timothy Street, Canada’s second all-ages and abilities park for children. There is adult playground equipment as well. A wide range of features and challenges are available to foster inclusiveness and fun in the community.
H. End your ride with a famous, award-winning, homemade butter tart from the local Maid’s Cottage Restaurant, the inspiration behind this ride.


This trail map is available in our store for free. Pick one up before you ride!

Maps and directions courtesy of
York Region Cycling
START - Newmarket Riverwalk Commons
Terrain: Road 
1. Head south on the path and turn RIGHT towards Fairy Lake Park 0.2 km | 0.2 km 
Terrain: Trail
2. Continue south on the Tom Taylor Trail, a part of the Nokiidaa Trail 0.2 km | 0.6 km
  a. Keep RIGHT at the fork by the parking lot
3. Turn RIGHT onto the bridge at the fork 0.8 km | 0.8 km
  a. Keep LEFT at the fork shortly after
  b. Keep LEFT at the fork, away from Cane Pkwy
  c. Keep RIGHT at the fork, away from the bridge shortly after
4. Turn LEFT at the fork and cross Mulock Dr 1.6 km | 1.3 km
5. Turn LEFT at the fork at Paul Semple Park 2.9 km | 0.6 km
  a. Turn LEFT at the fork 

Terrain: Road
6. Turn RIGHT onto Jelley Ave 3.5 km | 1.3 km
  a. Turn LEFT onto Savage Rd
  b. CONTINUE onto Joe Persechini Dr 
Terrain: Trail
7. Turn LEFT onto the trail, behind the baseball diamonds 4.8 km | 0.8 km
  a. Turn LEFT at the fork behind the baseball diamond
  b. Turn RIGHT at the fork
  c. CONTINUE straight at the fork, behind the houses 
Terrain: Road
8. CROSS Sawmill Valley Dr 5.6 km | 0.4 km
  a. CONTINUE onto the path 
Terrain: Path
  b. Continue STRAIGHT at the forks 
Terrain: Road
9. Turn LEFT onto Columbus Way/Doubletree Ln 6.0 km | 1.5 km
  a. Turn RIGHT onto Jordanray Blvd
  b. Continue STRAIGHT onto Rannie Rd  

10. Turn LEFT onto McCaff rey Rd 7.5 km | 0.6 km 
  a. Turn RIGHT onto Petheram Pl 
11. Turn RIGHT onto the path 8.1 km | 0.4 km
Terrain: Path
  a. Turn LEFT at the fork
  b. Continue STRAIGHT at the fork, at the baseball diamond
  c. Turn LEFT to cross the parking lot
  d. Turn LEFT to exit the parking lot
12. Turn RIGHT onto Alex Doner Dr 8.5 km | 1.0 km 
Terrain: Road
  a. Turn LEFT onto Crossland Gate, which becomes Alex Doner Dr
  b. Turn RIGHT to stay on Crossland Gate, which becomes Ford Wilson Blvd
13. Turn RIGHT onto the path after crossing the intersection 9.5 km | 0.8 km Terrain: Path
  a. Turn RIGHT at the fork
  b. Turn LEFT at the fork and LEFT again
14. Turn RIGHT onto Woodspring Ave 10.3 km | 3.8 km 
Terrain: Road
  a. Turn RIGHT onto Bonshaw Ave
  b. CONTINUE onto London Rd
15. CROSS Main St N onto the path 14.1km | 2.1 km 
Terrain: Path/Trail
  a. CROSS Deviation Rd onto the Tom Taylor Trail
  b. Turn LEFT at the fork
  c. Turn RIGHT onto the bridge towards Bayview Pkwy and head south
16. Turn LEFT at the fork towards Newmarket GO 16.2 km | 1.0 km 
Terrain: Trail
  a. CONTINUE under Davis Dr
  b. Turn RIGHT at the fork
  c. CROSS Queen St d. Turn RIGHT at the fork 
Terrain: Road
17. Turn RIGHT onto Timothy St 17.2 km | 0.1 km